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Video 08 - Current Roles

Okay, welcome back again. We left you with the checkpoint to complete your 6o second elevator speech.
Did you do that?

I think we'll just review it before we jump into the roles session for this particular video.

I took my keywords and I came up with something that looked like this.

My career has changed from being a dependent employee to becoming an independent business owner. I have deliberately designed the business to give me more time for my friends, family and also for myself!

My company's products and services help people who are choosing to make significant changes in their lives and careers. And for this I am rewarded with abundant wealth and a boundless energy that comes from knowing I'm doing something worthwhile in this world.

You're taking action if you've got as far as doing your commercial (elevator speech). And did you actually speak it in front of the mirror? You get extra bonus points if you recorded it - because your recorded voice does sound different than just speaking it out loud. We’ll look at that elevator speech toward the very end of the course4.

The next thing you need to do on your map is to write down the word “roles”.

Now that you've got a vision for what's possible and what you might end up with - ‘step into your own life’ for a minute or two and think carefully about the roles that you're currently playing. Focus on the particular goal you've chosen - and think of the four or five roles - key roles, primary roles - that you (can) play.

In my case I have selected the ‘career’ category - as I think you know by now - and I'm working on ‘business owner’. My current (as of 2007) career (role) is as an employee. I am an IT professional and I work in a financial services firm.

And it's here – in your current role - that I want you to write down up to five primary roles.

One (current) role for me here is “engineer”. If you haven't thought about this (your current roles) before, it will perhaps tax you a little bit. Anyhow, write them down as keywords on the map branches. I also want you to come up with at least two or three new or modified roles.
They will start to drive how you put this vision into action - because you'll have to start playing these roles - and you'll choose to play them because they'll make sense to you. If they don't make sense, you pretty much won't use them.

Checkpoint Exercise:

1) Write down up to five primary roles you are currently playing and add them as keyword to your map category.
2) Write down 2 or 3 new roles and add them as keyword to your map category.