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Video 07 - Vision Part 2

In the previous module’s checkpoint exercise you were asked to complete your list of categories and come up with a keyword for each of them.

Here are mine (shown on the screen).

Each keyword describes what (I believe) would or could happen if I were to achieve my change the game goal in a specific category.

[00:36] For example, since I am setting a change-the-game career goal of becoming a very successful business owner, “independence” is the word that comes to mind. It's the opposite of dependence - and those who have been an employee may understand the deeper meaning behind that word.

I’ll just briefly run through the other 7 keywords I came up with and you can see if you had any of them the same.

1) Time: If you have a family and you're also an employee, you may find it difficult sometimes to fit in enough time with them. One of my visions for this goal is that I will have created the opportunity to spend more time with my family and friends. I also suspect that achieving this goal will introduce me to new friends. I'll be making friends through my business and just through my change of awareness in choosing the type of people I want to spend time with.

2) Opportunity: Wealth can of course create more opportunities for spending time and so the keyword for me here is the opportunity to travel, to invest, to make a difference and to have fun.

3) Energy Health is an interesting one. You may be blessed to have good health or you may have health challenges. But all of us who are at least in a position to make some changes to our game, and I assume you are because you are listening to this particular course, will hopefully benefit from increased energy or at least the redirection of whatever energy you have.

4) Decisive: This is an easy choice for me in the personal growth category. Enough said. It's going to teach me about being decisive. Got it? (I’m committing to be decisive here!)

5) Education: I live in a community here in Japan that is part of a much bigger Global community. You can take different perspectives and views on the communities you are involved with – such as a “community of business owners”. The bottom line is that I want to be able to make a difference to a particular community of people - little people - children! And since I spent a lot of my life teaching and being taught, I want to help children with various educational challenges achieve more.

6) Purpose:
That's a big one and fits right into my ‘Spiritual’ category. It may be a different word for you. It may be some religion that you strongly identify with. You may not even have that here. I'm describing it as the ‘higher aspect’ of what I am doing. In other words, ‘purpose’; and at this midpoint of my life, the purpose behind a lot of the things I'm doing is being questioned, as well as the use of my time.

I therefore feel that identifying the purpose in creating this business and in creating these opportunities in my life will serve the highest possible benefit I can bring to the world at large. So, yes, there's a purpose behind building this business and achieving this goal. I may not be 100% clear exactly what this is going to turn out to be like but I can see some higher benefit to the world by the products I create, by the coaching opportunities I manage to bring into other people's lives, and just by making a difference in my own business ownership role.

Checkpoint Exercise

The checkpoint here, if you choose to accept this mission, is very simple.
What I would like you to do is write a speech!

Now before you go running away screaming, since public speaking is supposed to be a major fear for many, many people, certainly the ones that haven't done it a lot - I don't mean a speech to anybody in public. I mean a speech to yourself, in private - in front of the mirror, the bathroom mirror.

I want you to create a 60 second “elevator speech”.

It's (somewhat ridiculously) called an elevator speech because it's the sort of thing you might find yourself doing or being asked to do (??) if you're riding the elevator with some particularly curious person in a tall building, a skyscraper. And the assumption is that from top to bottom takes about a minute, in the average (Skyscraper) elevator.

And this person happens to ask you for some reason or another, “What are you doing? ”What’s your reason for being here?” So perhaps a nosy person but nonetheless, let’s assume you want to give an answer. And you have 60 seconds to do it.

Work the 8 keywords into your ‘speech’ using no more than 5 sentences and then see if you can get a summary of what this vision is all about.
We'll briefly review that in the next module - which is all about roles.


That is also going to be a fun ride.