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Video 06 - Vision Part 1

In this module we're going to take a look at your personal vision for your change-the-game goal. We left off with “bio-map” on the previous module.

You should have your success keyword and your goal keyword in mind.
What you need to do is write on your map the word “vision”.

As you may have guessed by now, these goal keywords correspond to personal one-word vision statements. I’d like you to start thinking about how your world will change in a number of key areas if your change-the-game goal becomes true.

The areas I like to work with are as follows:
Career, Family, Friends, Wealth, Health, Growth, Community and Spiritual.

[01:49] You can use these ones or you can change them to your own personal keywords, covering the categories of your life that you believe are most relevant.
Next, go back to your goal creation keyword, and do some “free thinking”, some “blue sky thinking”.
Simply ask yourself if you were to achieve this goal how might your career (for example) be positively impacted or changed? I want you to think BIG here.
I want you to think that if you have achieved it, perhaps a year from now, six months from now, two years from now, what do you think it would look like?

And if you get an image in your mind or some kind of thought stream, you might see something or feel something.

• Are you living in a particular area?
• Are you doing something in a particular office?
• Have you started your own business?
• Are you selling particular products and teaching people how to use them?

Whatever it is, think about that, and then summarize it in one word. If you know what it is now, write it down.

If you're not sure, start to stimulate your imagination either with your success keyword or perhaps just daydream about what might happen if this keyword was to become true in your chosen area. For example, when I think or daydream about my “business owner” goal, the keyword is “independence” - about where to work, when to work, how to work, what to charge and even who to work with.

I’d like to leave you with that as a checkpoint exercise and I'm going to stop the video now.
In the next video we'll go through some of these keywords ideas.

Checkpoint Exercise

Complete your list of categories and come up with a keyword for each of them on your map.