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Video 05 - Your Success Bio-Map

(This section works best if you are watching the video and using these transcript notes as a reference.) Welcome back. In this module you're going to create your “Success Bio-map”.

Just before we do that, let’s tidy up where we left the map from the previous video.
We were watching an intro video.

Let's create a branch called “intro”. And let's move the other things, the other branches, inside that.
I think “imagination” is next.
And then, “goals”.
And then, “coaching”.
And then, “checkpoints”.
And our map becomes like that.
The benefit is that I can hide the detail.
I now have the main branch and then a sub branch and everything else is hidden inside that.

[00:53] I can also put that inside some kind of balloon. I can color the balloon. For the moment I’ll take the balloon off because it's more of a distraction than an aid. Maybe towards the end we can look at that when we have the full map completed.

And what we do need to do is to put another branch up here called “bio-map”.
And you should do that too.
Please write-down or put a branch on your own map and call it “bio-map”.

[01:36] The rules of the game are very simple. For each branch, it's one word.
What I want you to do is to fill it in here as we go along.

I want you to write your “name” down.

My name is Mark. I could have chosen “McClure” but I should not have chosen “Mark McClure”, at least as one word.
If I wanted an additional branch, I could put “McClure” and create another branch.
It might sound weird but that's what I’d like you to do, just to get started. You'll see where we're going with this shortly.

And I’d also like you to put your “birthplace”. In my case, that was Belfast. My current location: I'm in Japan, Tokyo.

And what else will we go with? “Occupation”: what am I currently doing? Well, I'm still gainfully employed, as of this recording (2007). I'm doing something. I should put down “engineer”. If I need additional detail - create another branch and call it: “IT engineer”.
Actually, I don't need that for my purposes because I already know what I'm doing. That one-word is sufficient to conjure up in my mind's eye pretty much everything I'm doing in this particular occupation in the IT field. Right, it may have looked easy to use so far.

This (next) one may tax you. You may have to go and think about it:


[03:07] Think back in your own life to one particular event or occasion where you were particularly successful - whether or not anybody recognized that on the outside is not that important. And when you've got that event in your mind's eye, I want you to see it in all its glory, or feel it, or sense it. Whichever way works for you.

And then summarize it with one word. You guessed it!

You may have to stop the tape, go think about this and then come back and watch the video when you've got the answer that works for you.

I've already ‘cheated’ and thought about this beforehand! It took me about, I guess, an hour of thinking about various things, and then about another hour to summarize it. Your mileage may vary.
What I'm going to do here is write my answer: 1977.

Technically, this is a four-digits, one-word answer! “So what?” you might think. You may not have even been born then. I don't know what you were doing in 1977 but I remember a particular day from that year. And I can conjure it up as if it were just yesterday, in fact as if it were happening now.
It was a race. (I told you I was interested in running.)
It was a 400 meters hurdles race. And it was in Limerick, in Ireland.
It was an Irish school's final. And I wasn't expected to do very well in this race. And I won it.
And to me, it was like (winning) the olympics.

That race was nothing special in the athletics world. There are many championships athletic competitions - at various levels - held all the time; in Ireland, UK, USA, in almost any country in the world. Right up to the highest level. But this was the one I participated in. After the second hurdle, which is about 20% of the way round the one-lap course, I can recall only sensing the wind, and myself running, and silence. Even though there were lots of people there. Although there was some shouting and cheering, I couldn't hear any of it.

Nor could I hear or see my fellow competitors. They were behind me when, in fact, I expected that early in the race they would be ahead of me. And from that 2nd hurdle to the end of the race, I saw nothing and heard nothing – just as if I had tunnel vision all the way round the track. That was quite an amazing thing to me and I can still conjure up the race just by those words, “1977”.

The benefit of doing this exercise is that any time you want to take action on a particular task, but you're stuck, is to recall a past successful event from it’s trigger word. Not a failure, as you would describe it, but a success. I don't recall this (event) all the time. It only comes back in particular situations and usually only when I consciously choose to recall it. But, that's what I want you to do. Go off and find a success event. OK. Got it?


[06:48] Remember the goal that I asked you to sketch out in one sentence at the beginning of this course?
I now want you to summarize that as one word.

In my case, I believe I said I was going to become a “successful business owner”.
So how can I summarize that in one word? CEO? Owner? Entrepreneur? Rich? Who knows!
The word for the moment that conjures up what I'm aiming at is “owner”. It's the opposite to me of “employee”. ”The owner.”

And I can play with the images and so forth that come into my mind, once I focus on “owner”, later. You should do the same thing. Write down “goal” and then add a one-word sub branch that summarizes your goal. Put the date here.

It's always a useful idea to date anything that you commit to writing, especially in personal development. Because when you come back to review it, some dramatic changes may have happened. And by dating it you get a sense of how much time has elapsed between your original idea and what's currently the situation.

Checkpoint Exercise

Create your “Bio-Map” as shown on the video and the “talk out loud” example below. One of the benefits and beauties of the mapping process is that simply by scanning down the keywords quickly, the whole image comes into your mind.

[08:44] If I were to talk it out loud, it's very simple: “My name is Mark. I was born in Belfast. I'm now living in Tokyo. I'm an engineer in the IT field. My success memory was 1977. My goal is to be a business owner. The date is April 2007.”
And that's my bio.

See if you can conjure up almost everything in your mind's eye, or you can sense it or feel it, just from your trigger words. If you want extra points, go and record this. Get a cheap USB microphone-headset and plug into your computer. You can download open-source software called ‘Audacity’ from Then you can record it, put it on a MP3 player and listen to it.

You can also just leave it on your computer and replay it now and again. Some people are more strongly affected by audio information than video. Experiment with that. I have my success bio-map on a MP3 player although I don't listen to it all the time. But now and again, if I'm focusing on a particular project, like this one, or a particular goal like the business owner, I will conjure this up. ‘

Habit’ breeds success here because if you can focus on your keyword for “success” and it instantly changes your state, your mental state, particularly your emotional state, it's worth doing. It becomes habitual and you won't even have to focus on it very much. If you can conjure up your goal in one word it can also lead to a flood of ideas and concepts in your mind because your mind’s expecting that. You've trained it to produce those.

This habit will be very useful when we go into actually creating goals because different tasks and ideas will correspond to different goals. Although not all of these goals will be “Smart” goals.
Experiment with this - it's a key part of the mapping process.

In the next module we'll be looking at values3.
See you there.