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Video 03 - Action Part 1

You may have noticed that the desktop picture has changed. I no longer have Kuri and myself for you to look at. I have this one. Here's a question for you. If you have a look at the ground, you might notice something about the color -- it's quite white. And if I give you a clue, you might able to guess what this is.

[00:30] This photograph was taken in Tokyo during early April. About one week beforehand there were groups of people sitting on this very ground. They had something to sit on because the grass was still damp. There were families and couples, senior citizens and children, and they all seem to be enjoying their Japanese-style picnics. It was warm for early April and the sun was shining in a blue sky. Everyone looked very happy and pleased to be there. However, if you fast-forward one or two weeks, there's nobody there because the magic's over for another year.

[01:29] Did you guess correctly? It was the cherry blossom season! In Japanese this is known as the Hanami (‘Flower viewing’) or ‘Sakura’ season because these are Sakura (a type of cherry blossom) trees. You might still be able to see some of the white Sakura blossoms up here. For about one week in this park it was perfect, just beautiful. The Sakura were in full bloom and you probably couldn't even see the other trees and bushes over here because it was so white. That's why people would come to relax and admire the view.

As this small park is not famous, only local people visit. Still, these are people who were interested in having a good time and who took action to go there, found a favorite spot and sat down with their family and friends to have a good time for a few hours.

[02:15] The point I'm trying to make is that this was a temporary occasion. If you came back in May it would still be a pleasant spot and you'd certainly have no trouble finding a space in which to have a picnic. But it's going to be hotter, maybe uncomfortably hot. And you might find mosquitoes coming to join you and making it very unpleasant. In other words, you'd be too late. If you didn't come in early April you'd have missed the cherry blossom season.

And that's my main point for this module. If you're going to get into creating goals by following this process I’m calling “goal creation maps”, you should start taking action right from the start. And I'm not talking here about just any old goal.

I'm talking about ‘change the game’ goals - these are major events in your life or career around which you're determined to take some action.

Checkpoint Exercise

[03:29] If you accept that taking action comes first, then I would like to challenge you to complete this checkpoint exercise before we start looking at the goal mapping software tool in later modules. Here it is. Write down and complete this sentence:

“My change the game goal is to…”