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Video 02 - Getting the Best from this Course

Since my writing and speaking styles are somewhat different, I have made the following changes to the ‘raw’ transcript:

1) Removed repetitive comments such as “You know” and “Now”. These may sound OK in speech but don’t add much to a written version.

2) Deleted some literal descriptions of activities performed with the mapping software such as: “Move the mouse to here. Then click this icon” etc.

3) Edited the ‘flow’ of certain sections by rewriting some paragraphs and sentences.

Recommendations For ESL Readers

Living in Japan, I am well aware of people who make great efforts to use English as a second language (ESL). These notes can be used by ESL speakers to better understand the videos as follows:

a) Watch a complete video module (follow the order from 1 to 16).

b) Then read over the module transcript.

c) If there are any unclear points - examine the module again in detail.

Recommendations for All Readers:

It is possible to ‘speed read’ these video notes in about 30 minutes or less and intellectually understand what the course is all about. If you then fully participate in the self-coaching experience by watching the videos and doing the checkpoint exercises, it has been my experience that your “change-the-game” journey has begun for real.