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The Goal Creation Maps Course and You...

This free online course is for anyone interested in knowing how to create meaningful goals.

It was originally designed for people thinking about career change but not sure of the steps to take.

Others have used it to create a personal development plan covering the big 'issues' of life e.g. career, family, relationships, wealth, health and even life purpose.

Your Free Goal Creation Report

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Here are five key topics covered in the report:

This short video uses a mind map to explain what the report is about:

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"Success equals Goals and all else is commentary" - Brian Tracy

As far as goal setting and success goes, Brian Tracy's quote says it all.

I bought his "Psychology of Achievement" course in 2002 and still have 14 pages of notes typed while listening to the audios and going through his book, "Maximum Achievement".

Brian Tracy Goals

However, the mechanics of setting SMART goals was not the problem.

What I wanted to understand and master was a process for creating goals that were both inspiring AND achievable.

Thinking and reading about this topic eventually led to a 'light bulb' moment in 2006 that took me back to my teaching days in the pre-Internet, pre-PC (Personal Computers, in case you're wondering!) 1980s.

As a science teacher, I wondered if there were other ways for my students to learn than just copying notes from the blackboard or projector.

And that's when I remembered two books I'd purchased from a second-hand bookshop during the summer break. (That bookshop, now long gone, was on Belfast's Great Victoria Street.) The books, if I recall correctly, were about "Mind Maps" and "Speed Reading". The author was Tony Buzan.

I was 'sold' on the concept of mind mapping as a personalized learning aid but my students found it tough to wean themselves from linear note taking. They also didn't like having to erase mistakes and move keywords around on a piece of paper.

Creating incredible yet reachable goals on a One Page Mind Map

Fast forward about 20 years and, with the Internet revolution in full swing, not only was there mind mapping software but also a means for delivering information digitally to people worldwide.

And that's what I did with an online product I created in 2007  as the "Goal Creation Maps Home Study Course."

You can now watch all 16 course videos for free online - see the column on the right titled, 'Goal Creation Maps Course'.

The idea was to present information about creating goals and personal development in a way that people would 'enjoy' learning from. This is where mind mapping made an appearance in my life again because it was the perfect tool to illustrate and 'teach' with.

In fact, when I was scripting the modules I realized that it wasn't really a case of me teaching anything new about goal creation and goal setting. (Hint: It's all been said before!)
Rather, the course focused on the use of coaching and mentoring skills to help people figure out what they want to do with their abilities and interests.

I used 'Camtasia' software to capture the mind map being created for each module. The file was then edited and uploaded as a streaming media flash file.

For some years this course was a commercial offering, with both digital and DVD versions, but I removed it from the market to concentrate on other creative projects.

Now the the videos are available free on this site, along with other content related to creating goals, personal development and mind mapping. Some of the original videos have been edited again - usually because they were too long to watch in one sitting.

To get the best from the course you will have to do some 'work' beyond just watching and listening. Yes, this may take more time than expected.

However, the payoff can be substantial because you'll end up with a comprehensive set of personalized goals -  all on a one page (or screen!) mind map.

Your constructive comments about goal setting, personal development, mind maps,  self help etc are welcomed - please use the contact page.

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